About Friends of the Homeless

The Friends of the Homeless is a non-governmental non-profit organization which is committed to eliminating homelessness in Jamaica. Our objective is to liaise with governmental and non-governmental organizations, and individuals, to garner financial and other support, developing and implementing programmes while maintaining the highest possible standards. In time Friends of the Homeless proposes to facilitate the development of a coalition of similar programmes in Jamaica.
Our Vision
A more compassionate and caring society in which every citizen has access to shelter and other basic needs, in an environment that supports human dignity and worth.
The Mission
The Friends of the Homeless functions nationally and internationally to achieve the following goals:
1) Advocacy on behalf of the homeless
2) Increased public awareness and education on matters related to homelessness
3) Development and implementation of plans and programmes to alleviate the problems of homelessness
4) Rehabilitation and reintegration of previously homeless persons into society
Our Worldview
We embrace a christian worldview and regard this programme as one that demonstrates God's unconditional love to the world. (John 3:16)

Our Activities

Activities are organised on a annual basis under the following areas:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Periodic media releases, interviews or documentary re homlessness and how to improve the status of the homeless.

  3. Research
  4. The Friends of the homeless will liase with governmental organisations to conduct census on homeless persons in Jamaica

  5. Training
  6. Friends of the Homeless in collaboration with Association of Gospel Rescue Missions and Governmental organisations conduct training for persons involved or interested in working with homeless persons.

  7. Voluntary, Missionary and Community Placement Opportunities for Educational Institutions
  8. Friends of the Homeless welcomes potential volunteers or missionary workers who are interesed in working with homeless persons. Enquiries can be made by calling (938-1757 - Open Arms Drop In Centre).

  9. Fundraising Activities
  10. Annual brunch in July. Novelties for sale, including mugs.

  11. Coalition of NGO's involved in programmes for homeless persons
  12. The Friends of the Homeless is committed to facilitating the formation of a coalition of organizations involved with working with homeless persons. Enquiries can be made by contacting the chairperson at 978-3080.

Existing Projects

The Friends of the Homeless currently functions as the management committee for the Open Arms Drop-In Centre and night shelter for homeless persons, located at 16 1/2 Windward Road, Kingston 2. This centre began as a project of the Committee for the Homeless and the Bellevue Hospital. It receives support from a number of governmental organizations such as Bellevue Hospital, KSAC, The Community Mental Health Service of the South East Regional Health Authority, the Windward Road Health Centre, the Board of Supervision and the Poor Relief Department.

Existing Projects(cont'd)

Active on-going fund-raising and direct requests are also employed to raise support in funds or kind. We also receive support from some charitable organizations such as the Food for the Poor. The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) of the United States of America has committed to giving on-going financial support to this project. The Open Arms project was started in November 2006, and has been open every day since then. To date, nearly 600 hundred persons have been registered and assisted. The night shelter houses over 56 men and about 41 persons have been rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. A number of previously homeless men are now employed.

Upcoming Projects

  • Establishment of a residential rehabilitation centre for homeless men.

  • Establishment of affordable transitional homes and permanent homes for previously homeless persons.

  • Vocational and educational training programmes for homeless persons.

  • Formation of a coalition of non-governmental organisations involved in programmes for homeless persons.

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