What is Homelessness?

A person is considered homeless when he or she resides in one of the following places described below:

  1. In places not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, abandoned buildings and on the Street.

  2. In an emergency shelter

  3. In transitional and supportive housing for homeless persons who originally came from the streets or emergency shelters.

  4. In any of the above places but is spending a short time (up to 30 consecutive days) in an hospital or other institution.

  5. Is being evicted within a week from a private dwelling unit.

  6. Is being discharged within a week from an institution, such as a mental health or substance abuse treatment facility or a jail/prison.

  7. Is fleeing a domestic violence housing situation and no subsequent residence has been identified.

Who experiences Homelessness?

Some common predisposing conditions to homelessness in Jamaica include:

  • Mental illness

  • Physical disability

  • Deportee status

  • Discharge from prison

  • Substance abuse

  • Indigent state

  • HIV/AIDS status

  • Elderly

  • Victims of natural or man-made causes including social upheavals

    • How can you help?
      1. Volunteer
      2. Donate Money, Food or Clothes
      3. Sponsor a homeless person

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Donate Money

Friends of the Homeless recieves support from some charitable organizations such as Food for the Poor. If you would like to donate food or clothes. Please call us at 876-986-0978 to get further information.

Donate Food

Make a charitable contribution to Friends of the Homeless. We are glad to recieve your financial donations as it aids us in fulfilling our committment to eliminating homelessness. or
By Mail - make this check payable to "Friends of the Homeless" and mail to Friends of the Homeless, 4 Friendship Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica


If you would like to sponsor a homeless person please call or email us at 876-938-1757 or friendsofhomeless@yahoo.com. You can sponsor a homeless person individually or as part of a group by calling 938-1757 / 978-3080. It only costs JA $550 per day(UK-$3.76|US-$5.68|CAN-$5.79|EU-$4.34) to feed a homeless person in Jamaica.

Get involved

Volunteer work includes all ages, diverse religious and ethnic groups. Individuals with varied ability levels and economic resources can provide useful services. You can be a productive team member, meet other people who share your convictions, and have fun! Volunteers are the lifeblood of many non-profits, and Friends of the Homeless relies heavily on the goodwill of their volunteer corps to helps serve our mission of involving, educating, and uniting people in the work to end homelessness in Jamaica.

Why Volunteer?

  • You will be offered meaningful and valued work.

  • The food you help select, sort, and pack will provide meals for people who seek emergency food assistance.

  • You will work with organized, trained, caring professionals.

  • You will work in a clean and safe area.

  • You will enjoy hands-on work and meet other like-minded volunteers.

  • You can choose service opportunities where your interests can help fill FOH's needs.

  • You will feel great about yourself, because you can make a positive contribution to your community!

  • You will make a difference and we thank you!

If you would like to volunteer, call us or email us at 876-938-1757 or friendsofhomeless@yahoo.com.